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The 13 P's of Mattress Purchasing

We at Bedworks love to educate our customers. The mattress and furniture industry can be very confusing, so we try to provide specs, info and helpful tips to assist our customers in making educated decisions when purchasing. Sleep well, be happy!

The 13 P's of Sleep

Winston Churchill called mattress shopping [or maybe it was Soviet Russia] "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Yes, mattresses are confusing, but we can help. Here's how you can help too:

  1. Past:

    What thickness of mattress are you using now? 6", 8", 10", 12", or 16"?
    What kind? Wire, Foam, Latex, Memory, Futon, Air, Water?
    How firm is it?
    How old is it?
    Before that, what kind did you use, and how did you like it?
    What size do you need now? T, D/F, Q, or K?
  2. Particulars:

    What's depressing about your current mattress?
  3. Plans:

    How long will you be in Boston? Will your mattress move with you?
  4. Performance:

    How long do you need your new mattress to last?
  5. Position:

    What position[s] do you sleep in? On your back? Side? Stomach?
  6. Personal:

    Any back or circulation complaints, osteo-arthritis, acid-reflux, etc.?
  7. Prominence:

    How tall are you? Queen mattresses are at 80" Long. Queens give tall people 5" more space than a double/full [75"L], & 6" more in width too. For a 6'2"person, a D/F offers only 1" leeway; a Q offers a 6'2" person 6X more [6"] leeway to stretch out.
  8. Platform & Peak:

    How high up do you want to sleep? Remember the formula: Deck Height + Mattress Height = Sleeping Height
  9. Portal Problems:

    Will a boxsprings set and spring sofabed go up into your apartment? Boston and Cambridge are notorious for tight staircases and tiny doorways.
  10. Personality:

    Are you a "Green" [layered cotton, wool & latex] or "hi-tech" [dacron, hi density & memory foam] person? Or a "never-change-from-bedsprings" type?
  11. Partner:

    It's very smart to ask your partner to participate.
  12. Pocketbook:

    Will your pocketbook be comfortable too? Remember the difference between "cost per year" and "original price". A $400 mattress that only works for 2 years actually costs you $200/year. An $800 mattress that is comfortable for 20 years costs you only $40/yr. What at first appears the costlier mattress is 1/5th the price.
  13. Pillow:

    Don't forget a good pillow. It is as important as the mattress.
  14. * Caveat: Many customers report problems with the new "pillowtop" & thick mattresses.

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Last Updated: 06/25/21