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Here are a few examples of the fabric available at Bedworks.

Performance Chenille Colors
Limited Swatches of Chenille available upon request.
Stain Resistant
100% Polyester
Machine Washable
Line Dry
Microsuede Colors
Limited Swatches of Microsuede available upon request.
Stain Resistant
100% Polyester
Machine Washable/Line Dry
Line Dry
Decorative Fabrics
Here's a few examples of our decorative and patterned fabrics.
Characteristics of Mohair
The following is a response from the Director of Administration
at Carnegie Hall to an inquiry from John Buster about the fabric used to upholster the seats.

Microsuede Info
Why Wyzenbeek?
images/Performance Chenille Fabrics

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Customer Comments

"[after delayed shipping and an uncomfortable mattress from a Florida mattress company] Bedowrks straightened us out - Thank goodness! Great advice - as always - and a quick ship and expert handling so that our new mattress arrived on Virgin Gorda quickly and we were back to comfortable and sound nights sleep. Thank you Bedworks! Your quality, service and friendliness are always outstanding."

- Tom S.

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Last Updated: 08/21/19