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"Floating Platform" because its deck appears to float when you stand nearby.

Pure Cambridge Mid-Century Modern: Its soft rounded edges, its verticals & large storage drawers that hide underneath, invisible. Customers say floating platforms make their bedrooms feel bigger.

Plus, no more stubbed toes with no corner legs. Finally, a storage platform bed that doesn't look like a captain's bed.

Storage Drawers
No Drawers
One Drawer
Two Drawers
Inclined Rectangular Panel
Inclined Curved Panel
Floating End Table
Our floating end tables
slide onto all sides of
the bed molding and
provide a firm, practical
Platform Height
12" Low Base
16" High Base
Wood Choices
Black Cherry
Bubinga SOLD OUT
More Photos
Black Cherry
Cherry Floating Platform Bed

Getting Here

Customer Comments

"We got our platform bed from Bedworks in 1984 and it has been great, through all our moves and all the use we put it has experienced. Now we need another for a guest room, so we were thrilled to be able to get a second one. (We've looked at alternatives a bit but the floating design is elegant, practical for our mansard room [and it saves on stubbed toes because the support is recessed!]"

- Rob & Peggy Enders, Nov '07

Thank you from Bedworks

"We have always strived to maintain an exceptionally high level of customer service."

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Last Updated: 01/20/23