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After twenty years of making our own, we know what to look for inside a futon. From soft to firm, budget to luxury, we have selected and designed a great range of futon mattresses for sofabeds and beds. Choose from our 5 year and 10 year warranty selection.

Basic Futons
5 Year Warranties
Cotton and Foam Core
Premium Futons
10 Year Warranties
High Density Foam Core
Specialty Materials
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Customer Comments

"I adore my 'Cloud 10' so much, I'm back here with a friend who's looking for a new bed! When I got my futon, I soon had to fight the cats for the right to lie down on the bed. I love the products, love the service and love supporting indie business. Thank you, Bedworks!"

- Kristie Hall

Thank you from Bedworks

"We have always strived to maintain an exceptionally high level of customer service." - Our Team

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Last Updated: 10/08/20